DNA Infotel Broadband Plan in Vasai Virar

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DNA Infotel is providing broadband service since last 14 years. The company was established in the year 2008 under name DNA Infotel Pvt Ltd.

It offers broadband services in western Mumbai from Vasai to Virar region. DNA offers Hi-speed broadband internet through GePON/GPON (Fiber to the home) and also provides leased line connection for small, medium scale offices and shops. They are one of the leading high-speed internet provider in Virar.

In this article, We have covered all the detail of DNA Infotel broadband such as services, internet plan and customer care contact details.

Internet Plan Details

Comparing to other ISP provider in the region, DNA offers budget friendly broadband plan to home user and corporate clients. It offers FUP (Fair Use Policy) and Unlimited Plan under package name Infinity plans. Check the given below chart in the table for plans details and pricing.

FUP 30 Days Plan Details

PlanUsageSpeedPost FUPPrice
100 GB100 GB100 Mbps6 Mbps₹531
150 GB150 GB100 Mbps8 Mbps₹589
200 GB200 GB100 Mbps10 Mbps₹899
300 GB300 GB100 Mbps12 Mbps₹1180
400 GB400 GB100 Mbps15 Mbps₹1475
800 GB800 GB100 Mbps20 Mbps₹2065
1.5 TB1.5 TB100 Mbps25 Mbps₹2595

FUP 90 Days Plan

PlanUsageSpeedPost FUPPrice
300 GB300 GB100 Mbps6 Mbps₹1545
450 GB450 GB100 Mbps8 Mbps₹1691
600 GB600 GB100 Mbps10 Mbps₹2616
900 GB900 GB100 Mbps12 Mbps₹3381
1.2 TB1.2 TB100 Mbps15 Mbps₹4292
2.5 TB2.5 TB100 Mbps20 Mbps₹6009
5 TB5 TB100 Mbps25 Mbps₹7551

FUP 6 Months

PlanUsageSpeedPost FUPPrice
600 GB600 GB100 Mbps6 Mbps₹2931
900 GB900 GB100 Mbps8 Mbps₹3285
1.2 TB1.2 TB100 Mbps10 Mbps₹4962
1.8 TB1.8 TB100 Mbps12 Mbps₹6570
2.5 TB2.5 TB100 Mbps15 Mbps₹8142
5 TB5 TB100 Mbps20 Mbps₹11399
10 TB10 TB100 Mbps25 Mbps₹14324

FUP 1 Year Plan

PlanUsageSpeedPost FUPPrice
1.5 TB1.5 TB100 Mbps6 Mbps₹5607
1.8 TB1.8 TB100 Mbps8 Mbps₹6315
2.5 TB2.5 TB100 Mbps10 Mbps₹9493
3.5 TB3.5 TB100 Mbps12 Mbps₹12631
5 TB5 TB100 Mbps15 Mbps₹15576
10 TB10 TB100 Mbps20 Mbps₹17500
20 TB20 TB100 Mbps25 Mbps₹27403

Unlimited Plan

DNA unlimited plan are sold under package name Infinity plan. The package comes with validity of 30 days, 90 days, 180 days and 365 days. Full details of DNA unlimited plan is given in the below table.

Unlimited 30 Days

6 MbpsUnlimited6 Mbps₹409
8 MbpsUnlimited8 Mbps₹470
10 MbpsUnlimited10 Mbps₹649
12 MbpsUnlimited12 Mbps₹800
15 MbpsUnlimited15 Mbps₹1025
20 MbpsUnlimited20 Mbps₹1425
25 MbpsUnlimited25 Mbps₹1900
40 MbpsUnlimited40 Mbps₹2200
50 MbpsUnlimited50 Mbps₹2500
100 MbpsUnlimited100 Mbps₹2750

Unlimited 3 Months

6 MbpsUnlimited6 Mbps₹1227
8 MbpsUnlimited8 Mbps₹1410
10 MbpsUnlimited10 Mbps₹1780
12 MbpsUnlimited12 Mbps₹2400
15 MbpsUnlimited15 Mbps₹3075
20 MbpsUnlimited20 Mbps₹4275
25 MbpsUnlimited25 Mbps₹4999
40 MbpsUnlimited40 Mbps₹5499
50 MbpsUnlimited50 Mbps₹6799
100 MbpsUnlimited100 Mbps₹8000

6 Months Unlimited

6 MbpsUnlimited6 Mbps₹2249
8 MbpsUnlimited8 Mbps₹2540
10 MbpsUnlimited10 Mbps₹2799
12 MbpsUnlimited12 Mbps₹3600
15 MbpsUnlimited15 Mbps₹3800
20 MbpsUnlimited20 Mbps₹4899
25 MbpsUnlimited25 Mbps₹6000
40 MbpsUnlimited40 Mbps₹7500
50 MbpsUnlimited50 Mbps₹8500
100 MbpsUnlimited100 Mbps₹15000

Yearly Unlimited Plan

6 MbpsUnlimited6 Mbps₹4200
8 MbpsUnlimited8 Mbps₹4350
10 MbpsUnlimited10 Mbps₹4499
12 MbpsUnlimited12 Mbps₹4799
15 MbpsUnlimited15 Mbps₹4899
20 MbpsUnlimited20 Mbps₹6899
25 MbpsUnlimited25 Mbps₹7499
40 MbpsUnlimited40 Mbps₹8499
50 MbpsUnlimited50 Mbps₹9999
100 MbpsUnlimited100 Mbps₹19999

*Note –
1.Speed given in tables are download speed.
2. GST Tax applicable as per Government Rules.
3. If you don’t renew package for more than 3 months then reconnection charges is applicable.
4. Installation charges are non-refundable.
5. Rs 300 charge on Cheque return.

DNA Broadband Contact


Icchapurti Sai Building, 3rd floor, Near Saibaba Temple,
Gaothan Road, Virar – West, Palghar, Pincode- 401303.

Branch Office Address:

Sai Kiran Bldg, B/205, 2nd Floor, near Hotel Utsav, Tulinj Road, Nallasopara (E.)- 401209.

Neelganga Apartment, Shop No.8, Sriprastha Complex, Opp to Jyoti Bungalow, Shanti Park, Nallasopara (West), Pin – 401203.

Virar Branch Office Address:

Vishnu Sanmale, Shop No.2, Ground Floor, Umbergothan, Post – Agashi, Virar (West), Dist : Palghar, Pin code – 401301.

Customer Care Support

Toll-Free : 1800-313-6345 Landline : 0250-6635100

Support E-mail :
Inquiries/Support : crm@dnainfotel.com

New Connection : sales@dnainfotel.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Contact DNA Broadband For Inquiry?

The full contact details are given in this article.However, You can contact them through Phone call, e-mail or by visiting to branch office. DNA broadband customer toll free number is 1800-313-6345.

Which Mode of Payment is Accepted?

You can buy internet package through Credit/Debit card, UPI, Bank Transfer, Cheque and Cash.

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